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 A Value Consulting Limited

A Value Consulting Limited is a member of Ravia Group.


A Value Consulting Limited ("A Value ") is an estate agency company in Hong Kong,

registered with Estate Agents Authority, working across local, national and international markets,

delivering unrivaled customer service through the commitment and inspiration of its staff.

A Value is proudly independent, meaning we can work freely in the best interests of our clients.

They benefit from a strong team of experienced leading lights and fresh young talent.

We work with household brands and best-kept secrets to help them take market share.

True integration is more than a floor plan. From day one, we were set up to work collaboratively.

It’s why our clients see us as an indispensable extension of their marketing teams. 


Recently, A Value has  completed a deal which is a residential property named VIVA, located in Hung Hom.

It was reported by Oriental Daily on 8 August 2020.




A Value has also provided services to various property development group recently including:



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EAA Licence No. C-075107


Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.

Tel:       (852) 2811 1827


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