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   ESG Reporting



Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) issues are becoming critical considerations in business management. Investors begin to believe that a good ESG
policy is the key to sustainability of the company business. 

While the investing public is incorporating ESG factors into their investments, new rules and regulations were proposed and carried out by market regulators around
the globe.


ESG reporting is now, with no doubt, helping companies to operate in a sustainable manner and create long-term value for shareholders and stakeholders through identifying ESG issues, establishing ESG policies and monitoring ESG performance regularly.


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In this regard, Ravia Global Appraisal Advisory Limited, with a team of ESG specialists, offers our clients a comprehensive suite of integrated advisory services. We can help you in:

• Identifying key ESG issues
• Formulating ESG strategies and policies
• Evaluating and reviewing ESG performance
• Advising on specific ESG-related risk management and

   internal control system
• Assisting management in preparing ESG report
• Enhancing company’s reputation
• Attracting investors
• Achieving cost effectiveness and resource optimization
• Optimizing risk management functions


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